Noli Me Tangere Video/Audio


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Any commentary, annotations, or conversations can be added as text before or after the imbedded file, however seems best. For now, I've used the first paragraph of our prompt: Noli me tangere—“touch me not” (or “Do not hold/grasp me” in the Greek). These words from John 20:17, spoken by Jesus to Mary Magdalene after her discovery of the empty tomb, take on curious resonances in the epoch of COVID-19, with its prohibitions on touching and imperatives around social distancing. We wish to ask how we might consider noli me tangere in this moment—this long moment being shaped by the pandemic. 

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Our project uses the words spoken by Jesus to Mary Magdalene in the garden after Mary discovers his tomb empty—noli me tangere (“touch me not”)—as an incitement to reflection on the pandemic.

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