Being Human

What it means to be human is a matter of renewed urgency today. As we are pressed by advances in technology and biology, on the one hand, and by rapid social and political change, on the other, theology and religious studies promise a space of reflection, perspective, and new possibilities. Funded by grants from the Luce Foundation and the Office of the Vice Provost at Indiana University Bloomington, the Center for Religion and the Human supports interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research on religion which attends to these new realities while being rooted in IUB’s traditions of excellence in humanist, social-scientific and historical scholarship.

The Center had its formal launch on September 26, 2019. The first issue of American Religion is out now!

Apply to the Being Human Summer Institute. We seek applications from early-career scholars for a series of four-day workshops that will take place during the second week of August each year and maintain the same cohort for a three-year cycle (2020-2022).

CRH launches new award for books about science, religion, and nature

The Iris Book Award

The Center for Religion & the Human, established at IU Bloomington in 2019, has granted its first Iris Award, a new book prize created to honor outstanding work offering new insights into the meaning of being human in relation to science, religion, and nature.

The award-winning book is The Songs of Trees: Stories from Nature’s Great Connectors by David George Haskell. The book also won a John Burroughs Medal for Distinguished Nature Writing and was chosen as a Best Science Books of 2017 by NPR’s Science Friday.

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Practicing, Making, Knowing

Wednesday, March 11 (9-10:30am, SY 224)

In the third installment of Teaching Religion in Public: Practice, we will be joined by Dr. Tianna Uchacz of the Columbia University Making and Knowing Project. While in February we considered what our classroom practices had to do with performance and the stage, this month we will consider how might the practices of making and knowing in the laboratory inform our pedagogy. 

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Events for Spring 2020

This spring we will host two reading groups: four mornings with Teaching Religion in Public (TRiP) on the theme of Practice and four evenings with The Creation of Race: An Interdisciplinary Reading Group. 

April 13-14: The Iris Book Prize Workshop 

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