Religion Without the State

Religion Without the State: Can Illiberal Religion Lead to Justice?

The Center for Religion & the Human collaborated with the IU Global Gateway Network for their series Toward a Just Society: Global Perspectives. 


This event took place on Wednesday, April 7 via Zoom. It offered four case studies that illustrate the challenges posed by “illiberal” religion to the liberal state. Resistance to state law based in authority grounded in religious claims—what might be called “divine disobedience”— is a diverse and nuanced phenomenon, one that occurs across the political spectrum from right to left.

What new forms of social covenants and communities do these movements contribute to imagining justice? In which cases does the discourse of “divine disobedience” lead to new community formation? In what ways do they embody new possibilities for creating common ground?
Featuring speakers Carlos Manrique (Universidad de los Andes), Nadia Marzouki (Sciences Po), Spencer Dew (Wittenberg University and The Ohio State University) , and J. Kameron Carter (Indiana University).