Human Augmentation Research Network

Human Augmentation Research Network

The Human Augmentation Research Network (HARN) is a multidisciplinary collective of graduate students and junior scholars from anthropology, religious studies, science and technology studies, sociology, and neighboring fields, who are researching emerging technologies and techno-cultures. The working group is a non-competitive and inclusive community. 

HARN’s webpage is hosted by the Center for Religion and the Human at Indiana University Bloomington, within the Religion, Science and Technology division. Focused on graduate students and emerging scholars, the collective is open to academics at any level with an interest in transhumanism, biohacking, grinding, implantable devices, radical life-extension, cyborgs, cyberpunks, futurism, and emerging technologies or techno-cultures. 

HARN advocates that new perspectives and methodological considerations are necessary in the study of emerging technologies and techno-cultures. While research on many of the aforementioned topics has been ongoing for decades, HARN supports and encourages creative, experimental, and challenging projects contributing to the emergence of the next generation in human augmentation research.


  • Facilitate communication among human augmentation researchers
  • Act as a support network for graduate students and emerging scholars
  • Offer opportunities for mentorship
  • Share and distribute resources amongst members
  • Provide a vision for a new generation of human augmentation research